Read Dr. Hawthorn's recent point-of-view column on CBC, Chill out, folks; there's no need to be so defensive about Christmas, which argues that it's the commercial, not religious, side of the Christmas celebration that some Christians are defending.

Distant Impressions

Distant Impressions, the first volume on sensory studies in the ancient Near East, is coming soon from Eisenbrauns academic press. The book collects papers from scholars working on the social dimensions of sensation in ancient Mesopotamia, the Levant, and Hittite Anatolia.

Online Talks

Two of Dr. Hawthorn's recent academic talks are now available to watch online: Hacking Sumerian: A Database Approach to the Analysis of Ancient Languages, presented at the Digital Classicist Berlin, and Body Cleaning, Social Norms, and Value in the Epic of Gilgamesh, presented at the Cleaning and Value interdisciplinary workshop.