Textile Art

Hawthorn's current work explores the use of menstrual pads and pantyliners as the background fabrics for fine embroidery.

Intricate stitches highlight and embellish the often stereotypically feminine patterns imprinted on the surfaces of these products, never intended to be seen by anyone but the wearer.

By using fine art techniques to elevate these disposable commodities with complex social meanings, each piece invites reflection on what we display vs. what we conceal, what we preserve vs. what we discard, and what we consider clean vs. what we consider dirty.

Photo of a corner of an art gallery with hardwood floors and white walls. Seven framed embroideries on black backgrounds are hanging on the walls, and there is a French door in the centre of the image.

Formative, March 2019

An exhibition at the Craft Council of Newfoundland and Labrador

Read the artist's statement, check out a news article on the exhibition, or listen to an interview with the artist on CBC radio (segment begins at 22:00).

Photo of colourfully labeled beer cans arranged in a semi-circle. One can sits on top of the others. Its label shows a pantyliner with an embroidery of a pink squid in a blue ocean.

Hawthorn's "Here There Be Monsters" was one of 30 works by woman artists that were featured on labels of Director's Cut, a special beer by Quidi Vidi Brewing Company celebrating the 30th anniversary of the St. John's International Women's Film Festival.

The cans were available across the province in October 2019.

Photo of a pantyliner embroidered with a dark gold honeycomb pattern and two black and yellow bumblebees, rendered three-dimensionally using a tufting technique..Photo of a pantyliner embroidered with an ocean in different shades of blue. The head of a pink squid rises from the water at the left of the artwork, and three pink tentacles break the surface in the centre and right of the image.Photo of a pantyliner embroidered with colourful circles that shade from orange to red and from green to blue.Photo of a pantyliner embroidered with a yellow honeycomb pattern. Five embroidered honey bees crawl over the surface of the comb.Photo of a pantyliner embroidered with lacy, intricate circles in shades of pink, purple, cream, and teal.Photo of a pantyliner embroidered with two large and eight small gold star- or flower-shapes.Photo of a pantyliner embroidered with a yellow honey comb. Two honey bees in flight are embroidered on either side of the comb.