Textile Art

Hawthorn's current work explores the use of menstrual pads and pantyliners as the background fabrics for fine embroidery.

Intricate stitches highlight and embellish the often stereotypically feminine patterns imprinted on the surfaces of these products, never intended to be seen by anyone but the wearer.

By using fine art techniques to elevate these disposable commodities with complex social meanings, each piece invites reflection on what we display vs. what we conceal, what we preserve vs. what we discard, and what we consider clean vs. what we consider dirty.

An exhibition of these works was held at the Craft Council of Newfoundland and Labrador in March 2019.

Sampler, 2018

Bumble Bees, 2019 (sold)Where There Be Monsters, 2019Colour Wheels, 2019 (sold)The Hive, 2019In the Round, 2019Clear Skies, 2019Honey Bees, 2019 (sold)