Image of the poster for the film Calamus. The poster depicts a woman and a man in white button-down shirts and black pants. They are standing on either side of the poster with their heads turned to centre, looking at each other. The text reads: Darren Ivany. Ainsley Hawthorn. Calamus, a Kenneth J. Harvey Film based on a Walt Whitman poem. Composer: Andrew Staniland. Cello: Vernon Regehr.  Voice: Jane Leibel. Choreography: Kelly Meadus.


A short experimental film by Kenneth J. Harvey starring Ainsley Hawthorn and Darren Ivany

Film Festival Selections: 

FIN Atlantic International 2020

Nickel 2020

Unscripted Twillingate 2020

A woman with long, curly brown hair spins a wooden cane between her hands in front of her body. She wears a black dress decorated with silver metal in geometric patterns.

Ainsley Hawthorn is a professional dancer who specializes in Middle Eastern and international folk dance, with a focus on the dances of Egypt. She has recently begun experimenting with contemporary dance and enjoys ballroom and Latin styles recreationally.

She has studied the dances of the Middle East with expert instructors from around the world, including Morocco, Ranya Renée, Mahmoud Reda, Artemis Mourat, and Reyhan Tuzsuz. She has taught dance through Yale University Sports and Recreation (New Haven, CT) and Wild Lily Dance Studio (St. John's, NL) and spent six years as a choreographer and performer with the Yale Belly Dance Society.


A woman with long, curly brown hair leans against a tree in a lush garden. She is wearing a black dance bra, arm bands, and long skirt with red and gold sparkling decorations.

Ainsley performs a contemporary dance improvisation inspired by yurei (Japanese ghosts) at Caravanserai: After Dark, St. John's, on Saturday, October 6, 2018.

Music: Underground by Nature

Photo of a woman with long, curly brown hair standing in a New York street during a parade. She is dancing and wearing a gold bra and belt dance costume with a pink skirt and sleeves. She holds large, iridescent white wings on an angle behind her.


Ainsley is an elegant and commanding performer known for blending precise technique with musicality. 

Photo of eight people of all ages dancing in a semi-circle. Each dancer is wearing black pants and a different colour t-shirt, and they're holding hands in a criss-cross pattern.


Ainsley is not currently teaching weekly dance classes but is available to give workshops in Middle Eastern and international folk dance to students of all ages. 

1-hour taster lessons for beginners are a fun and educational activity for schools, community groups, parties, and festivals.

More advanced dancers can schedule a 1- to 3-hour workshop on a special topic, like Egyptian dance technique, musicality, propwork, or folkloric dance.

Dance Research

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Ainsley performs Oriental dance at Columbia University, New York.

Music: Hobak Salehny by Warda